D60 Breakout Session - A New Spin on Spintronics



D60 Breakout Session

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A New Spin on Spintronics

This session will provide a short history on DARPA’s quest to revolutionize electronics by exploiting the spin degree of freedom of the electron. Success in these efforts has led to spin of the electron becoming a part of mainstream electronics. The speakers will discuss how spin continues to provide a key to future electronics perhaps becoming as fundamental a building block as electron charge. Jon Slaughter, who played a key role in the development of a major magnetic memory called MRAM for Magnetic Random Access Memory; David Awschalom, who made key discoveries for using the spin for semiconductors electronics and for quantum information; and Ale Lukaszew, who is pushing the boundaries of spin for advanced memory and quantum electronics using topological protection (skyrmions) and driven non-equilibrium physics (time crystals). Each speaker will describe his or her vision for the future of spintronics.


Dr. Stuart Wolf – Institute for Defense Analysis


Dr. David Awschalom – University of Chicago
Dr. Rosa Alejandra Lukaszew – DARPA, DSO
Dr. Jon Slaughter – IBM Research