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D60 Breakout Session

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Accelerating Science

With a history of scientific and technical breakthroughs, DARPA asks, how can we accelerate scientific discovery? BTO’s Deputy Director Dr. Brad Ringeisen and Dr. Paul Cohen, former DARPA Program Manager and the founding Dean of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Computing and Information, will moderate a panel discussion on new approaches and technologies for scientific discovery. The panel features Dr. Brian Nosek, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Open Science, who will speak to the importance of open science and improved reproducibility. Dr. Ariel Weinberger, Founder and CEO of Autonomous Therapeutics, will describe co-evolving therapies to protect service members from rapidly evolving pathogens. Dr. Peter Sorger, Professor of Systems Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, will present on AI technologies for bridging mathematical models and cellular biology. Dr. Yolanda Gil, Research Professor of Computer Science and Director of Knowledge Technologies at the University of Southern California, will discuss the use of intelligent workflows to accelerate scientific discovery.


Dr. Paul Cohen – University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Brad Ringeisen – DARPA, BTO


Dr. Yolanda Gil – University of Southern California
Dr. Brian Nosek – Center for Open Science
Dr. Peter Sorger – Harvard Medical School
Dr. Ariel Weinberger – Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc