D60 Plenary Session - Achieving a Beneficent Cyber Future



D60 Plenary Session

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Achieving a Beneficent Cyber Future

Cyber is everywhere – in wearable devices, smart phones, cars, homes, offices, and in military systems and networks important to the Department of Defense – to name a few. The exponential expansion of the Internet, and cyber in general, has boosted our productivity to incredible heights, but also has opened avenues for bad behavior by a spectrum of threats ranging from individuals to nation states. We see a cyber future where objectives traditionally seen as antagonistic have become synergistic, such as productivity and security, or data sharing and data privacy. This session will explore how technology can help us achieve this synergy.

Moderator & Keynote

Dr. Brian Pierce – DARPA, I2O


Dr. John Everett – DARPA, I2O
Mr. Dan Kaufman – Google, Advanced Technology and Products
Dr. John Launchbury – Galois