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D60 Breakout Session

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Autonomy & Robotics

As autonomy becomes integrated into our everyday lives and robotic systems rapidly advance, how will DoD utilize these new technologies on the battlefield of the future? Already DoD has seen a dramatic increase in use of robotics assisting service members to better complete their missions more safely, effectively, and expediently. Accelerated by new manufacturing, embrace of open development environments, advances in machine learning, and increasingly tech-savvy human capital, robotic and autonomous systems capabilities are ever expanding – the robots of tomorrow will not only be smarter, they will be more capable, reliable, and even invaluable.

Join Dr. Timothy Chung as he navigates a discussion on how DoD will leverage robotics and autonomy at the battlefronts of tomorrow.


Dr. Timothy Chung – DARPA, TTO


Dr. Ruth David – Independent Consultant
Dr. Vijay Kumar – University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Gill Pratt – Toyota Research Institute
Dr. Manuela Veloso – Carnegie Mellon University