D60 Breakout Session - BTO Office Panel: Biology for Security – Living Sensors



D60 Breakout Session

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BTO Office Panel: Biology for Security – Living Sensors

This BTO technical session introduces the concept of living sensors that are vastly different from traditional electronic and mechanical sensors. Dr. Blake Bextine will discuss multi-threat detection and reporting using plants as the sensor. Dr. Lori Adornato will describe efforts to tap into a marine organism’s natural sensing capabilities to detect and signal when activities of interest occur in strategic waters. Dr. Paul Sheehan will discuss how characterizing the phenotype of bacteria can determine harmless organisms from pathogens, and Dr. Justin Gallivan will describe how researchers are seeking to transform engineered microbial biosystems into reliable strategic resources for the Department of Defense.


Dr. Justin Sanchez – DARPA, BTO


Dr. Lori Adornato – DARPA, BTO
Dr. Blake Bextine – DARPA, BTO
Dr. Justin Gallivan – DARPA, BTO
Dr. Paul Sheehan – DARPA, BTO