D60 Plenary Session - Combating Emerging Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terror Threats



D60 Plenary Session

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Combating Emerging Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terror Threats

Since its inception, DARPA has developed transformative technologies to mitigate national security threats including those posed by weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Even though the likelihood of a state-based nuclear exchange remains low, the threat from non-state use of weapons of mass destruction has been rising. This is largely due to the expanding availability of technology and the globalization of data and information. A wide array of actors, from lone wolves to rogue states, now can scour the internet and social media to find details about the materials, tools, and know-how they might need to realize their WMD ambitions. Developing effective countermeasures depends on the abilities to detect, track, and interdict illicit weapons production, secure precursor materials around the globe, and understand the dynamics of adversary intent and the data-space they work in. In this session, a panel of speakers will explore the challenges and opportunities for combatting WMD use and preventing proliferation in the emerging global landscape. Their remarks, along with insights gleaned from a facilitated discussion that will follow, should inform DARPA efforts to improve our collective security against WMD threats.


Dr. Valerie Browning – DARPA, DSO


Dr. Vincent Tang – DARPA, DSO


Mr. Peter Bergen – Journalist
Dr. Siegfried Hecker – Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University
The Honorable Andrew “Andy” Weber – Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs