D60 Breakout Session - DARPA X-Planes



D60 Breakout Session

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DARPA X-Planes

DARPA has a rich history in the development and demonstration of cutting edge military aviation programs known as X-Planes. X-planes have advanced the state of the art in aerospace systems and technologies, including notable achievements leading to the F-117 and the B-2. During the past 60 years, the Services, NASA and DARPA have developed over 50 X-Planes. DARPA has been a sponsor of nearly half of these, maturing high-risk, high-payoff technologies.

DARPA X-Planes were instrumental in advancing stealth technologies, composite structure design and manufacturing, super-maneuverability, and autonomy.

DARPA Program Managers for the X-29, X-31, and X-45 will discuss the project goals, results, and the impact their program had on aviation. The panel also will discuss future opportunities for DARPA X-Plane exploration.


Mr. Harry Berman – DARPA, APO


Mr. James Allburn – Allburn Group, LLC
Dr. Michael Francis – Retired Aerospace Executive and Technologist
Mr. Michael Leahy, Jr. – DreamHammer Corporation