D60 Breakout Session - DARPA at the Tactical Edge – TIGR, RAA, and the Future



D60 Breakout Session

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DARPA at the Tactical Edge – TIGR, RAA, and the Future

This session will describe DARPA’s past and ongoing technology development aimed at providing better tactical information for the warfighter. The first part of the session will describe the successful development of DARPA’s Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR) and how it was deployed and used in operations throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. The second part of the session offer insight into ongoing DARPA efforts to create tactical software tools and get them into the hands of the warfighter through programs such as Remote Advise and Assist (RAA). The session closing remarks will summarize lessons learned as well as future capabilities (e.g., the SHARE and Squad X programs).


Dr. Joseph Evans – DARPA, STO


Dr. Mari Maeda – Canine Cancer Research Alliance
LTC Brian Slaughter, USA – General Dynamics Mission Systems
Maj Bryan Taylor, USMC Retired – Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office