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D60 Breakout Session

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DSO Office Panel: Discover DSO

Within DARPA, the Defense Sciences Office (DSO) is the most diverse in terms of people and programs. DSO investments support high-risk, high-payoff basic and applied research projects across a broad landscape of science and engineering disciplines. Projects are often focused on early stage research and selected for funding based on potential for game-changing innovation as well as anticipated value in addressing current and emerging national security challenges. DSO’s investments help provide the scientific foundation upon which DARPA’s future legacy capability development may be built. Current DSO themes include the following: 1) fundamental and practical limits of sensors and sensing, from DC to daylight; 2) understanding and predicting behavior of complex social systems; 3) anticipating and creating scientific surprise; and 4) new frontiers in math, computation and design.

This session will include an overview of the DSO mission, current thrust areas and emerging areas of interest that may form the basis for future funding opportunities. Presentations in this session will be given by some of DSO’s newest Program Managers who will discuss their technology interests and the future capabilities of relevance to national security that they would like to enable.


Dr. William Carter – DARPA, DSO

Dr. Michael Fiddy – DARPA, DSO

Dr. Anne Fischer – DARPA, DSO

Dr. Mark Rosker – DARPA, DSO