D60 Plenary Session - Electronics Resurgence



D60 Plenary Session

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Electronics Resurgence

In his seminal 1965 paper, microelectronics pioneer Gordon Moore famously predicted that the transistor count of integrated circuits would double every two years while transistor cost decreased. The physics and economics of transistor scaling has made it difficult to maintain this trajectory, pushing Moore's Law towards an inflection point that could mark a slowdown in technological progress. In the session keynote, Bill Chappell will introduce the Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI), a DARPA-led partnership to continue the pace of technological advancement by moving away from chip generalization and abstraction, central tenets of Moore's Law, and to enable an audacious era of innovation based on chip specialization and uniqueness. Then MTO program manager Andreas Olofsson will discuss how the Design thrust of ERI is dramatically lowering the barriers to modern System-on-Chip design through two new electronic design automation research programs. Distinguished panelists Lynn Conway, Robert Kahn, and Mark Papermaster will also discuss their efforts to both further and benefit from Moore's Law, including DARPA investments leading to new circuit design and fabrication methodologies, the Internet, and the iPad.

Moderator & Keynote

Dr. Bill Chappell – DARPA, MTO


Ms. Lynn Conway – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dr. Robert Kahn – Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Mr. Andreas Olofsson – DARPA, MTO

Mr. Mark Papermaster – Advanced Micro Devices