D60 Plenary Session - Enterprise Disruption



D60 Plenary Session

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Enterprise Disruption

What does it mean to disrupt the Enterprise? Disruption is about fundamentally changing the way we do business at the architectural and enterprise level. DARPA looks for completely different ways to develop, design, build, deploy, and operate. We want to respond to our adversaries not in an obvious and linear fashion, but orthogonally, using unexpected approaches that impose cost. These unexpected approaches can’t be incremental –– successful disruption forces our adversaries to completely rethink how, when and if they engage at all. The corollary: Successfully disrupting the adversary’s approach to battle requires us to disrupt our own, which brings its own costs. Focusing on key initiatives in the space domain, Dr. Fred Kennedy, Director of the Tactical Technology Office, and General James Cartwright, Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, will discuss opportunities to disrupt the enterprise to enable new warfighting constructs.

Moderator & Keynote

Dr. Fred Kennedy – DARPA, TTO


Gen James Cartwright, USMC Retired – Center for Strategic and International Studies