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D60 Breakout Session

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Future of Space

For decades, the US relied on its ability to build, launch, and operate exquisite systems into space, enjoying the advantages of global presence and relative sanctuary. Over the past decade, however, these advantages are being degraded by the rise of peer and near peer competitor capabilities, leveraging the microelectronics revolution, small satellites, and improved access to space. A nascent commercial sector is introducing further disruption, proposing new models for development, deployment, and operation that outpace the traditional and deliberate approach favored by DoD and other government agencies. These new forces represent both a challenge and an opportunity.

In this uncertain environment, where space’s future is truly up for grabs, Dr. Tony Tether, former Director of DARPA will moderate a discussion about the Future of Space in the context of the interplay between the military, civil, and commercial sectors.


Dr. Tony Tether – Former Director, DARPA


Dr. Michael Griffin – Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
Mr. Robbie Schingler – Planet
Ms. Gwynne Shotwell – SpaceX