D60 Breakout Session - Information-driven Materials & Manufacturing



D60 Breakout Session

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Information-driven Materials & Manufacturing

Over the past 60 years, DARPA has been a major initiator as well as a beneficiary of broad advances in structural materials and mechanical design and manufacturing. This session will examine the evolution of those disciplines from DARPA’s creation of the field of material sciences in late 1960’s, and the parallel evolution of information-driven advances in engineering and manufacturing. Together, these broad arcs span scales from nanomaterials to weapon systems, and continue to transform processes at every level in the industrial base. The result has been steady progress to today’s Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), Model Based Engineering, and Digital Manufacturing practices, and to the convergence of important trends in all three. Remarks by panelists and a facilitated discussion with the audience will explore needs and opportunities for further advancements and for potential DARPA focus areas that could benefit DoD and the industrial base for years to come.


Dr. Steven Wax – Independent Consultant


Dr. Leo Christodoulou – The Boeing Company
Dr. Michael McGrath – Independent Consultant
Dr. Jan Vandenbrande – DARPA, DSO
Dr. Jim Williams – The Ohio State University, University of North Texas