D60 Breakout Session - MTO Office Panel: Sensors and the Electromagnetic Spectrum



D60 Breakout Session

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MTO Office Panel: Sensors and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Effective land, sea, air, space, and cyber-based combat operations require deep connections between the physical and digital domains. DoD systems often develop an accurate picture of the physical world, transmit sensor data across the electromagnetic spectrum, digitally process that data to enable smart decisions, and then conduct multi-actor operations aligned with decision-maker needs. MTO enables this interaction between the physical and digital worlds by recognizing the need for extensive and diverse sensor arrays, creating power-efficient hardware for real-time data fusion and exploitation, and developing systems that adapt to changes in the spectrum such as unfamiliar jamming and spoofing techniques. Program Managers will discuss MTO’s vision for the future of networked operations. Discussion techniques will include includes radio frequency, optical, and other low-footprint hardware for assured connectivity; options for enabling positioning, navigation, and timing with limited spectrum access; and electronics capabilities for ubiquitous sensing.


Dr. Jay Lewis – DARPA, MTO


Dr. John Burke – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Timothy Hancock – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Gordon Keeler – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Whitney Mason – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Ronald Polcawich – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Tom Rondeau – DARPA, MTO