D60 Plenary Session - Mosaic Warfare and Multi-Domain Battle



D60 Plenary Session

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Mosaic Warfare and Multi-Domain Battle

The goal of this session is to explain the Mosaic Warfare concept and the vision for creating it. The U.S. military is beginning to recognize the value of distributed, joint, multi-domain warfighting capability. But today developing and fielding these complex, highly networked architectures takes many years, if not decades. Instead, we want to enable a commander to compose–at combat speed–whatever fighting capability is needed to win from whatever systems are available at that time. This session will provide the opportunity to hear from senior Army, Navy, and Air Force flag officers on the potential game-changing benefit and daunting challenges associated with mosaic warfare, provide some commercial perspectives on ways that community is addressing similar challenges, and present STO’s ideas for how to make this vision a reality.


Dr. Dan Patt – Vecna Robotics


Dr. Timothy Grayson – DARPA, STO


Gen Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, USAF Retired – National Defense Industrial Association
ADM Scott Swift – USN Retired
Gen David Perkins – USA Retired