D60 Breakout Session - STO Systems Office Panel: Part 2



D60 Breakout Session

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STO Systems Office Panel: Part 2

The Strategic Technology Office’s vision is to make Mosaic Warfare real. Mosaic Warfare is multi-domain, combined arms warfare conducted in parallel, over wide areas, at machine speeds that cognitively overwhelms a linear adversary.

More practically, it’s the distribution of many effects chain functions over combinations of manned and unmanned assets. Effects chain functions can be combined and recombined in different ways as mission objectives and asset availability change over time.

To achieve this vision, STO is investing in technologies that generally fall into one of three major areas: 1: creating systems and subsystems suited for adaptive effects webs, 2: building technologies to create and impose adaptive effects webs, and 3: the experimentation and demonstration of adaptive effects webs.

Dr. Grayson will provide a brief overview on Mosaic Warfare, its benefits, and how we’re bringing it to life. The panelists will provide a representative example in the second and third technology areas, along with discussion and insights.


Dr. Timothy Grayson – DARPA, STO


Dr. Jim Galambos - DARPA, STO
Lt. Col. Jimmy Jones, USAF - DARPA, STO
Dr. Craig Lawrence - DARPA, STO
Dr. John Paschkewitz - DARPA, STO