D60 Breakout Session - TTO Technical Panel: Air and Ground



D60 Breakout Session

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TTO Technical Panel: Air and Ground

This panel will expand on the themes introduced in the TTO Plenary Session, at which Office Director Dr. Fred Kennedy will share his vision for Enterprise Disruption. The panel will focus on how Enterprise Disruption is translated in the air and ground domains through the development of advanced technologies, platforms and systems and fundamentally new ways of accessing and employing them. The panel will inform attendees where and how TTO wants to invest in new approaches to developing warfighting concepts and architectures. Moderated by TTO Deputy Director Dr. Thomas Beutner, TTO PMs with programs and interests in the air and ground domains will expand upon their vision of the future, and how their current programs align with this vision.


Dr. Tom Beutner – DARPA, TTO


Dr. Timothy Chung – DARPA, TTO
Dr. Peter Erbland – DARPA, TTO
LTC Philip Root, Ph.D., USA – DARPA, TTO
Dr. Alexander Walan – DARPA, TTO
MAJ Amber Walker, Ph.D., USA – DARPA, TTO
Mr. Scott Wierzbanowski – DARPA, TTO