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D60 Breakout Session

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Time as a Weapon

As weapon systems and warfighting paradigms become more complex speed becomes more critical. A critical tenet of the department’s modernization is a pivot from deliberate inertia to continuous speed. Time is a weapon. Continuous speed is not just moving fast once, but rather constantly adapting. Military strategists refer to a decision cycle known as the OODA loop for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. If a military can get inside the OODA loop of its opponent, it will win. If we want to win, continuous speed is an imperative!

Across all the sessions at D60, you will hear about ways DARPA is accelerating the OODA loop during the fight with automation, better sensors, and faster weapons. But continuous speed is just as important across all time scales, including operational planning time and acquisition time.

In this breakout session, members from the military services and commercial industry will share their insights and efforts they’ve taken to increase the speed with which they Observe, Orient, Decide and Act – across strategic (acquisition, planning) and tactical (in-mission, execution) timescales.


Dr. Timothy Grayson – DARPA, STO


Mr. Thomas Lash – Amazon Web Services
BG Chance “Salty” Saltzman, USAF – USAF Headquarters
LtCol Daniel Schmitt, USMC Retired – Guard Unit