D60 Breakout Session - Trajectory of Neurotechnology



D60 Breakout Session

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Trajectory of Neurotechnology

This session traces DARPA’s major breakthroughs in neurotechnology. The Biological Technologies Office Director Dr. Justin Sanchez will guide the discussion and provide a vision for how neural interfaces for movement, sensation, memory, and neuropsychiatric health could impact national security, and with commercial sector collaboration, unlock the potential of the brain to improve everyday life. Former DARPA Program Manager and Vice President for Research at Colorado State University, Dr. Alan Rudolph, will describe the formation of the seminal Brain Machine Interface program that laid the foundation for DARPA’s neurotechnology research. Founding BTO Director Dr. Geoff Ling will discuss DARPA’s subsequent breakthroughs in restoring function resulting from the implantation of neurotechnologies in humans. BTO Program Manager Dr. Al Emondi will present a next generation vision for achieving direct neural interfaces without the need for surgery. Dr. Krishna Shenoy, Professor of Engineering at Stanford University, will provide his perspective on the development of neurotechnology—from its academic origins to its commercialization in industry.


Dr. Justin Sanchez – DARPA, BTO


Dr. Alfred Emondi – DARPA, BTO
Dr. Geoffrey Ling – Johns Hopkins, Hospital Inova Fairfax Hospital, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Sun-Q, LLC
Dr. Alan Rudolph – Colorado State University
Dr. Krishna Shenoy – Stanford University