D60 Breakout Session - Wide Band Gap Semiconductors



D60 Breakout Session

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Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Starting in 2001, DARPA made a major investment in gallium nitride (GaN) transistor and Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technologies with the Wide Band Gap Semiconductors for Radio Frequencies (WBGS-RF) program. The technologies created from this and related programs have already had a critical impact on major DoD systems and capabilities. The panelists will discuss the WBGS-RF program – its history, accomplishments, and technological beneficiaries – as a case study on how DARPA can best contribute to the DoD mission. In WBGS-RF, DARPA chose to develop a “boutique” technology that offered specific capabilities rather than depend on the commercial electronics industry. When should DARPA invest in such boutique electronics? How can fundamental advancements in technologies like those developed in WBGS-RF be most rapidly transitioned to provide military advantage? What opportunities exist today to extend US dominance in systems that use high power amplifiers?


Dr. Mark Rosker – DARPA, DSO


The Honorable Zachary John Lemnios – IBM Corporation
Dr. Umesh Mishra – University of California at Santa Barbara
RDML Douglas Small, USN – Integrated Warfare Systems
Dr. Dwight Streit – University of California, Los Angeles