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Plenary Keynote Speakers

photo of Dr. Steven Walker

Dr. Steven Walker

Director, DARPA
photo of  The Honorable Michael Griffin

The Honorable Michael Griffin

Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
photo of Dr. Bill Chappell

Dr. Bill Chappell

DARPA, Microsystems Technology Office (MTO)
photo of  Dr. Timothy Grayson

Dr. Timothy Grayson

DARPA, Strategic Technology Office (STO)
photo of Dr. Fred Kennedy

Dr. Fred Kennedy

DARPA, Tactical Technology Office (TTO)
photo of Dr. Brian Pierce

Dr. Brian Pierce

DARPA, Information Innovation Office (I2O)
photo of Dr. Justin Sanchez

Dr. Justin Sanchez

DARPA, Biological Technologies Office (BTO)
photo of Dr. Vincent Tang

Dr. Vincent Tang

DARPA, Defense Sciences Office (DSO)