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photo of Dr. Carver Mead

California Institute of Technology

Dr. Carver Mead

Caltech’s Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Engineering & Applied Science, Emeritus, Mead holds B.S. (‘56), M.S. (‘57), and Ph.D. (‘60) degrees in Electrical Engineering from Caltech. He is best known for the following innovations (See also: http://carvermead.caltech.edu):


1962 Electron Tunneling
1964 Semiconductor Interface Energies (with W. Spitzer)
1965 Invention of the MESFET
1968 Scaling of VLSI Technology (with B. Hoeneisen)
1971 Structured VLSI Design
1971-1980 Caltech VLSI Design Course
1979 Silicon Foundry Business Model
1980 VLSI Design Book (with L. Conway)
1982 Physics of Computation Course (with R. Feynman and J. Hopfield)
1983 Neuromorphic VLSI Systems
2000 Collective Electrodynamics