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Vecna Robotics

Dr. Dan Patt

Dan Patt, Ph.D is the Chief Executive Officer of Vecna Robotics, a leading commercial robotics and industrial automation technology provider. Vecna Robotics is a full-spectrum automation provider, with fielded solutions addressing distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, and other material movement roles. Vecna Robotics has unique artificial intelligence technology for resilient orchestration of diverse autonomous systems, industrial equipment, and human capabilities. Patt is an executive with extensive experience in operationalizing technology related to autonomy, unmanned vehicles, robotics, logistics, and distributed systems.


Dr. Patt also serves as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Analysis (CSBA), leading national security policy research institute located in Washington, DC.


Previously, Patt was the Deputy Director of DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office. At DARPA, he led development of a strategy for renewed conventional military advantage focused on achieving decision superiority and risk distribution. He led investments enabling robust distributed systems architectures in a technology portfolio including battle management, command and control; communications and networking; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and electronic warfare.