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photo of Dr. Jim Galambos

DARPA, Strategic Technology Office (STO)

Dr. Jim Galambos

Dr. Jim Galambos joined DARPA in January 2015 as Program Manager in the Strategic Technology Office. He has a background in unmanned systems, undersea power/energy and weapon systems. His research interests include expanding combat capability through combining manned and unmanned systems. Relevant technologies include autonomy, undersea communications, unmanned vehicles, maritime power and energy systems, heterogeneous networking and the modeling and simulation of such systems.


Prior to joining DARPA, Dr. Galambos served six years as director of the Advanced Technology Office at the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University. In that role he oversaw research and development in sonar systems and materials, autonomy, unmanned undersea vehicles and undersea power systems for torpedoes and unmanned vehicles.


Dr. Galambos holds a bachelor’s in physics from the U.S. Naval Academy. He served five years on active duty as a nuclear-trained surface warfare officer in the U. S. Navy. Following active duty, he joined the Naval Reserves during which he earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering and plasma physics from the University of Washington.