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photo of Dr. John Paschkewitz

DARPA, Defense Sciences Office (DSO)

Dr. John Paschkewitz

Dr. John S. Paschkewitz joined DARPA as a Program Manager in 2015. He is interested in accelerating adaptability, improving strategic decision making, and creating competitive advantages in dynamic, complex and uncertain environments with system architectures that enable flexibility and leverage machine intelligence.


Prior to joining DARPA, Dr. Paschkewitz was a research area manager at PARC (formerly Xerox PARC) where he worked on an exceptionally broad range of problems spanning hardware design, software development, materials science, manufacturing, and innovation management. Dr. Paschkewitz’s background includes both commercial product development and R&D in the commercial and national lab settings, as well as service as an officer in the US Air Force.


He holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering and a Master of Science in chemical engineering practice from MIT, in addition to a doctorate from Stanford University in chemical engineering.