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The Boeing Company

Dr. Leo Christodoulou

Leo Christodoulou is the Chief Technologist, a direct report to the CTO of The Boeing Company. In this role, Dr. Christodoulou leads the implementation and assessment of advanced manufacturing, based around seven verticals that ensure Boeing’s competitive advantage in the second century. As part of his formal role, Dr. Christodoulou also leads Boeing’s companywide strategy and technology maturation for additive manufacturing.


He joined Boeing in October 2012 from the U.S. Department of Energy, where he was head of the Advanced Manufacturing Office and co-chairman of the Inter-Agency Working Group on the White House’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Initiative, a program launched by President Obama in June 2011.


Before that assignment, Christodoulou was Director of the Defense Sciences Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where he applied his research expertise to developing revolutionary capabilities for the U.S. military. As Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Director at DARPA, he led interdisciplinary research and development across the fields of math, physics and quantum science, materials, portable energy and power, tactical medicine, biological warfare defense and neuroscience. As DARPA Program Manager, he also pioneered the accelerated development of multifunctional materials to realize a new class of unmanned, micro aircraft used by U.S. forces today, performance and life prediction (Prognosis) as well as multiple materials-related programs for Defense applications. He is also the co-inventor and primary developer of a class of materials known as XD Alloys.