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photo image of Dr. Lori Adornato

DARPA, Biological Technologies Office (BTO)

Dr. Lori Adornato

Dr. Lori Adornato, a Program Manager in the Biological Technologies Office at DARPA, focuses on the interpretation of organismal behavior and development of bio-inspired materials, as well as platforms and systems for marine sensing applications.


Prior to joining DARPA, Dr. Adornato was a senior research engineer in the Sensing and Domain Awareness Laboratory at SRI International where she managed programs to develop highly sensitive underwater chemical sensors. Her most recent projects involved refining carbon system thermodynamic models for use under high CO2 conditions and developing a low-cost portable sensor for comprehensive inorganic carbon system measurements in aquatic systems.


She received her Doctor of Philosophy degree and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of South Florida. Dr. Adornato received the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award from the University of South Florida Chemistry Department, and the Robert M. Garrells and the William and Elsie Knight Endowed Fellowships from the University of South Florida College of Marine Science.