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photo of Dr. Whitney Mason

DARPA, Microsystems Technology Office (MTO)

Dr. Whitney Mason

Dr. Whitney Mason joined DARPA as a Program Manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) in November 2017. Her research interests are in imaging sensors that provide multi-function capability. In particular, she is interested in novel device structures, optics, and electronics that enable a concept known as “Imaging And…”.


Dr. Mason is currently on detail from the Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center’s (CERDEC) Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate at Fort Belvoir, VA where she had most recently been the director of the Science and Technology Division. In this role, she led a team of scientists and engineers in the pursuit of new and improved focal plane array materials and devices; advanced read-out circuits; and enhanced optical materials and designs, lasers, and image processing. Her division delivered the most advanced sensing technology for current and emerging U.S. Army requirements that form the underpinnings of the Army’s most advanced infrared sensors and explosive hazard detection technologies.


Dr. Mason holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in physics from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Georgetown University