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photo of Ms. Lynn Conway

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ms. Lynn Conway

Lynn is widely known for her seminal work in computer architecture at IBM in the 60s and in very large scale integrated system design methodology at Xerox PARC in the 70s. Her contributions, framed in the famous Mead-Conway textbook "Introduction to VLSI Systems", led to a worldwide revolution in silicon chip design and rapid chip prototyping during the 80s, including the spawning of DARPA’s MOSIS System. As Assistant Director for Strategic Computing at DARPA, Lynn led the planning and start-up of DARPA’s 80s initiative to coalesce DoD’s technology-base for intelligent weapons systems. She then joined the University of Michigan as Professor of EECS and Associate Dean of Engineering, where she continued her distinguished career.


Lynn has received many honors for her work including election as an IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow, Wetherill Medal of the Franklin Institute, IEEE Computer Society’s Computer Pioneer Award, Fellow Award of the Computer History Museum and IEEE and Royal Society of Edinburgh’s James Clerk Maxwell Medal. She holds Honorary Doctorates from Trinity College, Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Victoria and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.


Now retired, Lynn lives with her engineer husband Charles Rogers on their 24-acre homestead in rural Michigan. They’ve been together for 30 years.